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Chardonnay & Slay Your Business

Aug 13, 2019

Human connection will always trump internet connection. The most money to be made, and the best friends to be had will always come from REAL LIFE! In this episode, I talk about how important it is for your biz AND your energy (I see you introverts) to ROCK your in-person event and the TOP TIPS I use to do it!


Aug 6, 2019

Competition! It does it exist, and it exists to make us BETTER! In this episode, I talk about figuring out what you actually WANT, having gratitude for what you already have, how to overcome your triggers, and showing up like you've already fucking made it! 

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Jul 23, 2019

You bitches have been asking how I hit the MAGICAL 6 figure mark, and in this episode, I talk about the KEY things you need no matter what type of business you have! I cover things like confidence and professionalism from DAY ONE, branding, making mistakes, positioning your authority, perseverance, and SO MUCH MORE! Get...

Jul 10, 2019

This interview with millennial money coach Chloe Elise is BOMB! We talk about how she paid off 36k in debt in just 18 months WHILE she was working her full-time job! If you're just starting in your biz, or you're still working at corporate, or making the bulk of your income by trading time for money THIS episode is for...

Jul 2, 2019

Get ready for some fucking TRUTH BOMBS!! The Slay Coach is here to tell you what you ACTUALLY need to hear. We're diving deep into the inside of the coaching industry. We're talking about what is a coach, what is NOT coach. When to offer low vs. high ticket. Masculine vs. feminine. Spoiler alert: none of this is good or...