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Chardonnay & Slay Your Business

Nov 20, 2018

Hey lovely Slayers! I’m so excited to share with you that after 4 LONG years, I'm writing this message to you on the day I officially retired my husband from his corporate job!
If you are struggling with not being on the same page with your significant other, or in any relationship! Here’s my take on how to grow...

Nov 16, 2018

In this episode, I go deep into why we overthink the bullshit, what to do when you realize you've been stuck in it, and my tips to get over it and start taking aligned and hot, messy actions to make bank in your business!

This episode is sponsored by Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee! It keeps my energy levels steady and...

Nov 12, 2018

In this episode, we dive deep into all the things that make people fall in love with you! Let's talk about how to strategically get people to stalk, know, like, and f*cking trust you! Build your magazine cover for your personal brand TODAY!

Download your free journal prompt to get your magazine...

Nov 5, 2018

I’m sharing my journey with you about breast implant illness and getting them removed!  I found a lot of help in support groups! Feel free to ask me any questions in my FB group --> or follow my stories about it on Instagram!